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Madhuli by Anamika Films

The film present story is 1916-1921.the country achieved freedom. In those days means of transport in the hills were almost nil; neither there were motor roads or motor vehicles. English rulers used to travel inside rural regions either on horse or on foot. They had need of coolies for transport of camp requirements from one place to another. These coolies were the villagers themselves....

Duration: 5.35 mins | Tags: kumaoni

The popular folk songs of Kumaon and Garhwal include Jhora Chanchari, Chappeli, Chhopati, Basanti, Bajuband, Mangal. The Jagars have a special place in the whole Kumaoni and Garhwali community across Uttarakhand.
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Uttarakhand Aandolan By Narendra Sin


Kumaoni Songs

Kumaoni Songs

Kumaoni Folk Song - Kaile Baje Murul

Cholia Choliya Dance Kumaoni Dance

Chuti Liber Aija Ghar Pana

Key Bhalu Lagucho Myar Pahada

Rangile Changili Saari

Kumaoni Song from Bali Vedna

Kumaoni Holi : Divya & Diksha

Pahara ma Faishon

Dil Be Dil Mile Be Dekh

Kudhaa Bhalo Choo

Meri Ija Teri Madhuli

Kasi Katyala Myar Dina

Myara Swami!

Baat Muddo Ki Uthao Toh Koi Baat Kar

Kumaoni Jhora

Na Hoye Udasa
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